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Reloaded Ammo Now Available in New San Diego Ammo Store, LAX Ammo SD

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Updated 11:15 AM CDT, Fri, August 25,2017

Gun owners and shooters typically buy factory new ammo for their firearms and usually overlook reloaded ammo due to its limited availability. However, thanks to LAX Ammo’s own ammunition manufacturing plant in Inglewood, CA, they are able to sell remanufactured ammo in San Diego for much less than factory new ammo. This gives shooters the option to buy remanufactured ammo in San Diego without overpaying. Drop on by their location to learn more, found at Mercury St. Ste.103 San Diego CA, 92111 (858-987-0509).

San Diego, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/25/2017 -- LAX Ammo San Diego makes ammo even more affordable with their exclusive brand of remanufactured ammo in San Diego. In the past, remanufactured ammo in San Diego was almost unheard of since other stores only carry factory new ammo from major brands, but LAX's own brand of reloaded ammo gives buyers a more economical alternative.

Finding a good brand of remanufactured ammo in San Diego is almost unheard of, which is why LAX Ammo San Diego came through to fill the void. Although reloaded ammo is usually thought to be of lesser quality than factory new ammo, the proven track record and customer loyalty of LAX's ammo makes it the go-to choice for remanufactured ammo in San Diego.

The only way to make ammunition more affordable is for a company to make its own, and LAX Ammo has done just that with their brand of new and reloaded ammo. At first, they produced ammo available to residents of Los Angeles, but later expanded to provide remanufactured ammo in San Diego. The renowned quality of their new and reloaded ammo makes them the best choice for remanufactured ammo in San Diego.

About LAX Ammo San Diego
LAX Ammo San Diego is a new ammo store that sells ammunition of many different brands, calibers, and quantities for less than other retailers. An increasing demand for affordable ammunition in California encouraged LAX Ammo to make their own brand of ammo, which is now available to residents of San Diego with their store's remanufactured ammo in San Diego.

If you're looking for quality remanufactured ammo in San Diego, look no further than LAX Ammo SD, and visit their website at, or stock up your gun safe today by stopping into 4411 Mercury St. Ste. 103, San Diego, CA, 92111.

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