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Protection when It Counts at Body Armor Megastore

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Updated 8:49 AM CST, Wed, November 23,2016

Royersford, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/23/2016 -- There are situations where preparation counts for everything. For those who wear ballistic protection, preparation can save their lives, allowing them to reach safety or retaliate without sustaining fatal wounds. The utility of a piece of protection this potent cannot be overstated.

Body Armor Megastore makes protection wildly affordable, allowing men and women to easily purchase AR500 steel plate, carriers and other tactical products at prices no higher than a few boxes of ammunition. Each protective plate is tested to ensure adherence to NIJ standards. Videos of plate testing are displayed prominently on the company's website so that interested parties can freely view the effects of ballistic impact on the products.

While other manufacturers' adherence to quality has been called into question this year, Body Armor Megastore's products continue to be positively reviewed online time and time again. In addition to the standard products, sold at competitive prices, the company also carries several innovative products, not commonly found in other manufacturers' inventories.

Body Armor Megastore's spall armor is one of their most sought-after products. Spall armor or spall coating protects the plate from producing shrapnel during impact, reducing the danger to the wearer and surroundings. Body Armor Megastore also carries backpack armor, ballistic protection that can easily fit inside a child's backpack to protect them no matter where they are.

To learn more about Body Armor Megastore, their product testing videos or to buy tactical vests, interested parties are encouraged to visit the company's website at

About Body Armor Megastore
A family owned business, operating out of Royersford, PA, Body Armor Megastore is a producer and supplier of effective and economically-priced bulletproof wear. The company carries level 2, level 3a and level 3 armor capable of stopping rounds from most weapons. In addition to traditional armor, Body Armor Megastore stocks backpack armor, vests, spall armor, magazine pouches and many other products.

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