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Garrison Grip Introduces SmartDraw Pocket Holster

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Updated 2:00 AM CDT, Tue, October 25,2016

Innovative Device is Patent Pending & Perfect for Concealed Carry Permit Holders and Owners of the .380 Semi-Autos

Tuscon, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/25/2016 -- In a progressively more complex world, more Americans are looking to firearms to defend themselves from surprise attacks. In fact, June 2016 saw the most FBI gun background checks of any June since the current system went into effect. More recently, concealed carry permit holders will welcome a newcomer to the holster arena with the arrival of the SmartDraw Pocket Holster from or GUNizer Holsters by Garrison Grip. The patent pending device weighs just 1.9 ounces, and is made from a combination of materials that allows for comfortable storage and rapid retrieval. It is an innovative holster that is sure to change the way gun owners carry their firearms for the better.

The Smart draw holster is crafted with a perfect mix of two complementary materials. One is a light, flexible poly material known as ninja flex, while the other is a hardened material named T glaze. When coupled together, they provide phenomenal strength and flexibility. The material is engineered to conform to the leg, fit a large variety of firearms, and be camouflaged perfectly. Its square design makes it resemble a wallet in the pocket. Ultimately, this minimalist holster is primed to revolutionize front and back pocket carry.

"We designed the SmartDraw Pocket Holster to be comfortable in the pocket, slide in easily and allow your favorite firearm to slide out twice as fast than ever before. It stands upright in any pocket, fanny pack, backpack or purse," commented Steve Pagac, owner and founder of Garrison Grip. He continued, saying "I'm positive this immensely useful holster will highly sought after in the months and years to come, as an increasing number of Americans seek to ensure their personal safety and the safety of their friends and family members."

About Garrison Grip
Garrison Grip began in 2011 as a trusted resource for gun owners looking for accessories for handguns used for concealed carry. In that time the company has grown quickly, at a rate between 40-70% per year. Their current tally includes $1.3 million in sales over the last 12 months. Garrison Grip offers free shipping Nationwide, and provides accessories for a wide range of handguns, including Smith & Wesson, Colt, Sig Sauer, Glock, Ruger, Beretta, and Springfield.

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