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Florida Airplane Hanger, Office, Manufacturing and Warehouse Space for Sale

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Updated 8:30 AM CDT, Tue, April 12,2016

Hollywood, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/12/2016 -- An Executive hanger and commercial real estate are currently up for sale by its owner close to Orlando and Daytona. This recently announced Florida Airplane Hangar For Sale is a golden opportunity for all those who are searching for an airplane hangar, office space, manufacturing space and warehouse space, in a location ideal for both individuals and companies. This land is owned, not rented. The property is located at Massey Ranch Airpark at 435 Airpark in Edgewater, Florida in Volusia County.

The owner of this airport real estate has provided detailed information about the property. The details are as follows:

Location: The Hangar For Sale In Florida is located in Massey Ranch Airpark, which is a publicly licensed airport and has been since 1957. It is operated by Massey Ranch Airpark, Incorporated. The Airpark features a 4,360? paved and lighted runway and does not have a control tower. Also, within the Airpark, there is a residential area to the east of the runway and a commercial/industrial section to the west of the runway, which is where this property is located. All properties have direct taxiway access.

Airplane Hangar: Airplane Hangar For Sale is located in building 1 and measures about 9,840 square feet with the main hanger 4-piece sliding door measuring 60 ft. x 16 ft. It also has 4 exterior doors along with two interior roll-up doors (16ft. x 12ft. and 10ft. x 10ft.) and two exterior roll-up doors (12ft. x 15ft. and 10ft. x 10ft.) the 10 x 10 roll up doors accesses to 1800 square ft. workshop. The airplane hangar also has a large workshop, office, two bathrooms and one shower as well.

Main office: The main office is also located in building one, upstairs above the workshop of the airplane hangar. The main office has a large common space from which the main hangar can easily be overlooked. The area of the office is about 1800 square ft. and is accessible by doors at the top of 2 different sets of stairs, one inside and one outside. The main office has 4 more offices, reception, a bathroom with a shower and a kitchen.

Aircraft manufacturing space: This space is located in building 2 and also based upon a large area of about 10,440 square ft. Aircraft Manufacturing Space is not only ideal for manufacturing aircraft, but also maintaining big airplanes, a machine shop, and various other uses. The space has 6 exterior entry-exit doors and 3 exterior roll up doors (8ft. x 10ft., 10ft x 10ft. and 12ft. x 15ft.) The interior roll up door in the hangar (16ft. x 12ft.) opens to connect up to 2 spaces. Additionally, this manufacturing space has a covered fenced space of about 630 square ft.

Warehouse and Office: There are 2 warehouse spaces, each with it's own office; one is in building 3 while the other is in building 4. The warehouse and office located in building 3 has a total space of about 2,153 square ft. The office has 2 exterior doors, one of these doors is a covered entry or exit door and leads to and from a parking lot. The other warehouse located in building 4 is the smallest among all the offices and is 1,388 square ft. This office also has a large roll up door and 2 interior doors that lead to the office. This warehouse has 2 separate offices as well and it's own covered entry-exit door leading to the parking lot.

Each of the offices has its own parking. There are 31 marked parking spaces and 4 aircraft tie-downs which are located just outside the hangar door.

About The airpark real estate property
The airpark real estate property basically based on 2.5 acres of land and is located at Massey Ranch Airpark at 435 Airpark in Edge water, Florida in Volusia Country. For further details log on to (

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