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"Carfentanil and the Grey Death": Exclusive New Video Training from in the Line of Duty

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Updated 2:32 PM CDT, Thu, July 06,2017

In the Line of Duty, the world leading producer of law enforcement video and internet training, announces its newest and life-saving training program

St. Louis, MO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/06/2017 -- In the Line of Duty, the world leading producer of law enforcement video and internet training, announces its newest and life-saving training program – "Carfentanil and the Gray Death: What Every Cop Needs to Know" is available now.

Experts are calling carfentanil a potential weapon of terror that could kill thousands with a dose that could fit multiple times on the head of a penny.

Carfentanil, an inexpensive synthetic opioid from China, is being used by drug dealers to 'cut' heroin, morphine and painkillers giving it an extra boost or 'kick'.

"The huge problem is that carfentanil is an elephant tranquilizer. Small doses can put down rhinos and hippos, and it was never meant to be used by humans," said Ron Barber, President of In the Line of Duty.

Barber continues, "A cop or EMT who ingests or inhales carfentanil that's as tiny as a grain of salt can be at grave risk of death unless symptoms are recognized and dealt with quickly."

"We've already seen carfentanil overcome officers here in the U.S., and were it not for rapid response to its danger signs and immediate treatment by other trained officers and emergency personnel, it could have been fatal," he stated.

An online preview of the "Carfentanil and the Gray Death" training video can be viewed here -

The opioid is manufactured in China and can be purchased on the internet "making it readily available to drug dealers, terrorists and wackos in general" according to Barber.

It's even believed Russia used aerosolized carfentanil to put down Chechen rebels by the hundreds, and fears are that similar use of the opioid could be deployed to harm soldiers, capture and incapacitate subjects and/or injure or kill hundreds if not thousands in an enclosed space.

"This is a clear and present danger to not only first responders but also the public in general," Barber notes. "We have always tried to immediately address law enforcement training and educational needs, and Line of Duty firmly believes that this program is one of the most important and crucial we've produced, in getting the information and knowledge out there to every cop to help fight this struggle and save lives."

The thirty-minute video addresses such crucial matters as:

- Appropriate response to drug/narcotics-related incidents
- Where carfentanil may be present
- Proper gear and attire
- Symptoms of carfentanil ingestion and overdose
- Immediate treatment and response to carfentanil overdose
- Increased Narcan doses
- Deployment/use of Narcan
- CPR or not?
- The 'Buddy System'
- "The Gray Death' opioid 'cocktail'
- Lessons learned

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