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Artist Taking on Society with Plan for a New Pioneer Space Plaque

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Updated 2:30 AM CDT, Thu, March 24,2016

Madrid, Spain -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/24/2016 -- Artist Boris Kozlov has a bold and provocative vision, part of which is captured in his new Kickstarter campaign, which is seeking funding to petition the world's space agencies to launch a new version of the iconic plaque on the Pioneer 10 space probe.

Kozlov notes that at the time, there was little controversy about including the figure of a naked man and woman on the plaque, but imagines an alternate scenario—one in the present, which he calls the Postmodern Pioneer Plaque. He's seeking $219 by April 29 to create it and send it to the world's space agencies.

In the video explaining his vision, Kozlov imagines interference from numerous sources, demanding representation of all races and of gay and straight couples, and then increasing demands to represent more species than just human, and refugees, and transgender individuals, and people with disabilities, and plants, and the list continues to grow. His provocative and satirical point skewers a culture of inclusion gone made, and a society where there is more information than ever, but far less structure and direction.

"Since the 60s and 70s, western societies are losing their traditional explanatory structures and falling into a cacophony of collective claims regulated only by an often annoying political correctness," Kozlov said. "This information overload produces confusion and perplexity, and, furthermore, apathy, depression and maybe even brain cancer. If you somehow think that the world has gone slightly out of control, you may want to share my project."

The project has a parallel life in short film festivals and it has already been selected in #TOFF Online Festival (UK) and Short Film Club (Belarus)

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