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Airsoft Centre for Military Training Shows Popularity: Just BB Guns Comments

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Updated 1:25 PM CDT, Mon, October 26,2015

Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/26/2015 -- Airsoft guns and BB guns have been around for years, but only in recent years has it become so popular. Younger generations are jumping on board with military simulation games due to the rise of online console games such as Call of Duty. Not wanting to be left behind, the military have also joined in on the action.

This year saw the opening of MilSim City in Salt Lake City. The 40,000 square foot indoor training arena is open to the public as well, but it serves an important purpose of providing a safe environment for the armed forces to train.

The arena has seen different authorities practise there, including SWAT, corrections and patrol, but K9 and the FBI are yet to visit.

The use of airsoft in law enforcement training could help reduce the amount of fatalities encountered during training, with a safe and fully supervised indoor area for real military simulation. The bullets used are not real bullets, but full protection must be worn as they can still cause injuries, however using replicas rather than real guns are safer.

Airsoft and bb guns are real life replicas of weapons that shoot BB pellets. The guns look so real that they can often be mistaken for real weapons. Many people who own real weapons and have licences to do so can visit the MilSim center to get some training on how to protect their home and how to shoot a gun safely.

Under 18's can attend facilities like these with the supervision of a parent, it's an engaging alternative to staying indoors. Airsoft encourages team building, communication, strategizing and healthy competition.

With such games on the rise, people are buying their own airsoft guns and equipment so they can be fully prepared for what the arena throws at them. Just BB Guns offer a full range of equipment, advice and custom colours.

A spokesperson from the company said: "It's great to see that the military are on board with airsoft play and bb guns, it helps promote the safety of them as well as giving youngsters an interesting and active sport to become interested in. It's becoming more popular, and possibly due to online games, but it's better to have kids out and taking part in something fun. We're always open for enquiries, help and advice for anyone interested in buying airsoft or BB guns."

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