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Popular Online Ammunition Store Has Best Pricing on a Large Selection of High-Quality Ammo

LogoLAX Ammo offers a number of brands like Winchester, Fiocchi, American Eagle, and Remington. This online ammunition store dedicates themselves to providing only the best quality ammunition for ultra-low prices. With the new California Gun Laws, LAX ammo has made sure to license themselves properly as well as license all of their employees in California and make sure that this law does not affect their out of state customers. They want their online ammunition store to be able to provide their loyal customers all ammunition they need when they need it.

Leading Gun Provider Solware Now Offering Dog Training Equipment and Accessories

One of the UK's leading providers of air rifles and air pistols, Solware, are renowned throughout the industry for the high quality products in which they constantly strive to offer at the lowest and most affordable prices, however, what many people do not know is that the company also offer gun dog training equipment and accessories.

Only BB Guns Price Match Guarantee

Only BB Guns one of the UK's most leading and reputable providers of airsoft rifles and accessories are renowned throughout the industry for their great efforts in offering the greatest quality airsoft equipment at the lowest possible prices, and this is something in which people cannot argue with either, especially considering they offer a price match guarantee.

Sterling Helicopter Continues to Offer Round-the-Clock Aircraft Support in 2018

Sterling Helicopter is Philadelphia's only heliport that is available for the public to use. In business for more than 33 years, this company is able to service a vast array of makes and models. Sterling Helicopter also offers round-the-clock emergency aircraft on ground (AOG) maintenance for helicopters in need of timely repairs.

Sterling Helicopter Provides Authorized Helicopter Repair Service

When helicopter operators are in need of Bell helicopter maintenance, they need a company that can provide superior customer service and highly-skilled technicians to get the job done right. That's why countless people have turned to Sterling Helicopter for their helicopter maintenance needs. Those in need of service are urged to contact the company, as they provide authorized helicopter repair service as well as 24/7 AOG emergency service.

Solware, the UK's Leading Air Rifle Supplier, Now Open for 2018

Solware, one of the UK's leading providers of air rifles and air pistols, had an amazing year last year – Providing more people with the most suitable rifles and guns for their individual needs and requirements than ever before and excelling in every possible way. And now, they are back open for business, already taking an abundance of orders every hour.

Only BB Guns Reveals the Coolest Airsoft Accessories

Only BB Guns has recently updated their blog providing a list of what they believe to be the 'coolest' airsoft accessories, and it is heavily anticipated that this is going to provide a great read for all those lucky people whom received BB and airsoft guns in their Christmas stockings.

Complete Celina Distribution Center Added to Celina Campus

LogoCelina has finished the new 100,000 square foot Distribution Center on their 58 acre campus in Celina, Ohio. This consolidates all of their manufacturing, kitting, and shipping into one area and will allow for sweeping changes in the efficiency and easy with which business can be handled.

California Gun Laws Now in Effect for 2018

LogoThere are several new California gun laws that have taken effect at the start of 2018. With those laws have come several ammunition laws that have directly affected LAX Ammo and their customers. To comply with the new California gun laws, LAX has made sure that they have their ammunition vendor's license, all employees have their certificates of eligibility, gates have been installed around the ammunition, etc.

Sterling Helicopter Dedicated to Putting the Client First

Owners, operators and maintainers who have been searching for the right helicopter repair center do not have to look any further. Sterling Helicopter is helping new clients who are in need of trained technicians to perform maintenance and repairs on their helicopters.

Sterling Helicopter Proud to Offer Garmin Avionic Installations and Upgrades

Helicopter owners, maintainers and operators who pride themselves on being up-to-date with the latest safety and technology that will keep them safe in the skies are encouraged to contact Sterling Helicopter, a leading helicopter repair station, and inquire about the latest releases from Garmin Aviation and flyGarmin.

Body Armor Megastore Announces the Availability of Level 3 Body Armor and Much More

Body Armor Megastore announces the availability of level 3 body armor and much more. Body armor is available in many different styles and levels. For those who need to wear only the highest quality body armor available, Body Armor Megastore has a wide selection to choose from. At Body Armor Megastore, customers have a full inventory to browse from, and they will always be provided with excellent customer service, as well. Body Armor Megastore's level 3 body armor is the exact gear that's needed for a wide range of purposes. Customers are encouraged to check with Body Armor Megastore to browse their wide range of body armor products.

Celebrate a Special Event at This Los Angeles Shooting Range

LogoLAX Firing Range has space for special events in Los Angeles and offers an exceptional experience that is unique, fun and safe. Their large variety of guns for rent paired with their professional and knowledgeable staff is here to assist anyone truly and makes them stand out as premier special events in Los Angeles location.

Top Quality Firearms, Aero Precision, AR15 and AK47 Parts and Ammunition from

E-Arms is your go-to supplier for Firearms, AR-15 parts, AK-47 Parts, Glock Parts, and ammunition. With our quick, free shipping and friendly customer service, you just can't beat the experience. "Aero Precision AR-15 Stripped Lower Receiver Gen 2 in Anodized Black" available at is a perfect base for a custom build AR15. The Gen 2 comes with improvements such as the Upper Tension Screw that allows users to fine tune the upper and lower receiver. This can be done with the help of nylon tipped tensioning set screw. This screw is inserted in the lower receiver's grip tang and offers a tight fit with any AR15 components.

American Signal Corporation Brings Hydrological Threat Detection Solutions to Zambia

LogoAmerican Signal Corporation (ASC) is pleased to announce that it has recently completed a project in Zambia, which includes i-FORCE 3200 solar-powered sirens, flood sensor kits and CSC960 station controllers. The project spans two sites for maximum protection against potential hydrological situations.

Body Armor Megastore Announces 3A Body Armor and Much More Is Available for Purchase This Winter Season

Body Armor Megastore announces 3A body armor and much more is available for purchase this winter season. When it comes to purchasing tactical gear, quality is of the utmost importance. Nobody can afford to be out in the field with body armor that is questionable in terms of its protective capabilities. For those who need to find durable, quality tactical gear that will last all season long, choose Body Armor Megastore.

Solware Announces That CPSA Awards Voting Is Now Open

Solware, one of the UK's leading suppliers of air pistols and air guns, has recently announced on their website that CPSA Awards Voting is now open, with the finalists for their sponsored category, the disabled shooter category, being Adrian Last, Alec Sperling and Paul Bailey.

Only BB Guns Supply Top Winter Airsoft Tips

Only BB Guns, one of the UK's leading suppliers of airsoft guns and BB guns, are renowned throughout the industry not only for the leading selection of weapons and products that they offer, but also the leading advice in which they regularly provide. This winter for example, the company are not only selling a selection of airsoft guns and accessories designed for winter, but also offering advice so that their many loyal customers can airsoft as comfortably as possible during the colder months.

New Digital Media Platform Launched to Share Personal Stories of American Heroes

LogoGotUrSix TV, a new media company, recently launched a digital media platform to provide an outlet for military, Veterans and Military Spouses to share their personal stories. GotUrSix TV's mission is to enhance the lives of our military, Veterans and their families.

Body Armor Megastore Is Selling Affordable Body Armor to Customers in Winter 2017

At Body Armor Megastore, customers have the ability to sift through and buy the best selection of tactical gear online. Proudly ranked among the highest quality body armor producers in the United States, they meet the standards of the National Institute of Justice—guaranteeing products that can be maintained and utilized for years to come. Since its humble days as a small body armor store in rural Pennsylvania, Body Armor Megastore has kept its operation family-owned and its prices fair, giving local communities access to phenomenal tactical military gear. In fact, Body Armor Megastore continues to sell a range of affordable and reliable body armor to customers throughout the winter of 2017. Reports an Increase in Website Visitor Activity Involving Transport Category Aircraft Ferry Flights, a respected and trusted name in the delivery and movement of transport category aircraft around the world announces an increase in website visitor activity as it relates to transport category aircraft ferry flights. The company has seen a steady and consistent growth in the number of visitors to the website that are being attracted from organic searches on the Internet. Fred Schroeder pilot a successful businessman has been in the ferry flight business for many years and has developed an innovative, intuitive and easy to use website to help those who require transport category ferry flight services.

Florida Automated Vehicles Summit Connects Autonomous Vehicle Industry Leaders from Around the Globe

The 2017 Florida Automated Vehicles (FAV) Summit held November 14-15 in Tampa Florida brought together hundreds of thought leaders, policymakers, and engineers from around the world to not only showcase and discuss new technologies and policy issues. The FAV Summit provided a forum to conceptualize new ideas and for partnerships to be created.

Charity Shooting Event Raises 190k: Solware Comments

Last month Shooters at the Royal Berkshire Shooting School raised a whopping £190k for two charitable causes at its 20th annual charity clay pigeon shooting event – The charities in which the money was donated to are Great Ormond Street Hospital and Marie Curie.

Only BB Guns Offer Cheap BB Guns Safety Tips

Only BB Guns is not only one of the UK's leading suppliers of bb guns and accessories, but also a company in which aims to cater for all budgets – not only offering luxury bb guns, but high quality cheap bb guns also.

Only BB Guns Answer Popular BB Gun Related FAQs

People typically have number of questions and want answers before getting started and often struggling to find the answers that they want and need. In line with this one leading BB gun supplier, Only BB Guns, have uploaded some BB Gun FAQs along with answers on their website, not only in regards to their quality services but also bb gunning in general.