Latest News Offers a Wide Range of Wall Safes to Keep Valuables Secure at Home, America's #1 dealer of gun safes, offers a wide range of wall safes with highly secure features. All of their wall safes are designed with the highest quality materials, and are epitome of security, and convenience, where homeowners can store their valuables, like cash, important documents, jewelry etc. protected from getting damaged or being theft. Designed with the highest grade materials, the entire range of wall safes that the company offers ensures long service life. With their various amazing features, the wall safes that the company offers are sure to meet the needs of every individual.

California Residents Flock to LAX to Get Utah Concealed Carry Permits

LogoLAX Range offers classes for out-of-state concealed firearms permit in Los Angeles. This concealed firearms permit in Los Angeles is for the state of Utah and enables you to carry a concealed firearm in 27 states, including Washington and Arizona.

Only BB Guns Introduce 'Latest BB Guns' Search Options for Regular Customers

Only BB Guns is a BB gun supplier renowned throughout the industry for the extensive collections in which they offer, offering bb guns to suit absolutely all needs, requirements and demands. On their leading website it is easy for new customers to quickly identify the pages in which they are interested in and find the products that they need and want, however the company has recently made a website enhancement to benefits regular customers, the option to see all the latest bb guns in once place to quickly check new stock.

Sterling Helicopter: Providing Unmatched Service Since 1984

Sterling Helicopter, a leading company for helicopter maintenance, has been a major player in the aviation game since they opened up shop in 1984 thanks to the vision and devotion of Chairman Jack Brown. Announces Record Growth in Website Traffic Related to the Movement of Jet Transport Category Aircraft, a highly respected and trusted source for the best in ferry pilot services for jet transport category aircraft announces record growth in website traffic related to the transportation of commercial and corporate aircraft worldwide.

LAX Ammo San Diego Is Taking the Market by Storm with Their Reloaded Ammo

LogoLAX Ammo’s mission has always been to provide Californians with easy access to top quality and affordable ammunition. With the opening of their new premier reloaded ammo in San Diego store, LAX Ammo is able to continue doing just that. Specializing in both new and reloaded ammo, LAX Ammo SD is already taking the market by storm. LAX’s reloaded ammo in San Diego store is located in the core of San Diego at 4411 Mercury St. Ste 103 San Diego CA, 92111 (858-987-0509).

Space of the Art Announces Opportunity to Collect Playing Cards That Have Been to the Edge of Space and Back

LogoSpace of the Art (SOA) is offering a limited number of contributors a unique opportunity to watch a trip to the edge of space on video and have a selfie taken with the stratosphere in the background. The campaign is called SpaceDeck because each person will also receive an exclusively crafted, highly collectable pack of playing cards that have been to the edge of space, on the actual space journey that they witness.

Body Armor Megastore Continuing to Take Orders for Tactical Vests and Much More Throughout October 2017

Tactical vests are becoming increasingly popular among survivalists and preppers. While there are some people who buy them for the "cool" factor, most people purchase tactical vests for practical purposes. In fact, Body Armor Megastore is continuing to take orders for tactical vests and much more throughout October 2017. A real tactical vest has inherent value and is a prized piece of clothing for the true enthusiast.

Fly Like an NFL Rock Star with EricIIAir

Eric Yehle, founder of EricIIAir, announced that the luxury logistical experience provider is providing fans of the St. Louis Chiefs with chartered luxury jet flights and accommodations from St. Louis, MO, to Arrowhead Stadium and back for the home games.

Alchemy Security Elevates Cyber Security Continuous Monitoring Market

LogoAlchemy Security, a recognized leader for SIEM specialty expertise in deployment and ongoing operations, is pleased to announce the company's next generation of continuous monitoring solutions that provides Managed SIEM and MSSP customers the ability to reduce their audit and compliance costs while proactively enabling audit readiness for rigorous security standards such as PCI, HIPAA, NIST, and DFARs.

Firing Range in Los Angeles Sells Ammunition Online, LAX Ammo, for Less Than Other Online Retailers

LogoLAX Ammo provides its customers with the same quality ammunition found at their store in Inglewood online, and then some. Unlike other gun shops or shooting ranges which have limited, expensive inventories, LAX's online ammunition store gives you a multitude of choices without the high price tag. Reasonable shipping costs and free shipping for first-time customers, also make LAX's online ammunition store more competitive among other online ammo retailers.

Only BB Guns – Providers of an Amazing Airsoft Affiliate Program

Only BB Guns is possibly the UK's most leading provider of airsoft guns and accessories, offering products suitable for absolutely all needs and requirements. But it doesn't stop there – Only BB Guns also offer an amazing affiliate program for all to take advantage of – with a dedicated page which can be seen here:

Airsoft Fans from Across the Globe Take to Battle in Gloucestershire: Only BB Guns Comments

Last month Gloucester played host to the Airsoft Surgeon Annual Championship – with airsoft squads coming together from places all across the world including, but not limited to the Philippines, Brazil and Poland. The event was incredibly fun for all, with players of all ages darting around the Morelands Match factory, hitting targets for points with their BB and airsoft guns – with some targets being worth more than £1,000.

Fees for Firearms and Shotgun Licenses Proposed to Rise: Solware Comments

The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) has recently submitted a proposal to the Government asking to increase the fees for shotgun and firearm certificates – proposing that they should be raised from £50 to £93.80 (an 88% increase).

Shooting UK States That Grouse Shooting Is Good for Business: Solware Comments

Shooting UK, the UK's largest shooting website, has recently posted an article which explains to all why grouse shooting is good for business. The article states that many rural Yorkshire businesses benefit amazingly from the trade that is brought in by grouse shooting parties and that this season it is expected that grouse shooting in North Yorkshire alone will contribute over £100,000 to hotels, restaurants and pubs.

Investing in Ones Safety - Firearms Training for New Shooters in Los Angeles

LogoThose who are new to firearms would benefit greatly by taking a firearms class in Los Angeles from LAX Firing Range. Learning how to use a firearm safely and effectively makes shooting fun, and the instructors at LAX's firearms class in Los Angeles have the expertise to do just that. Their main goal is to educate you about the safety and correct usage of firearms so you can use them with confidence.

U.S. Department of Defense Turns to Pluristem for Preemptive Radiation Antidote as North Korea Threats Escalate

The United States Department of Defense (DOD) will fund a study of Pluristem's cell therapy PLX-R18 evaluating its use as an antidote for Acute Radiation Syndrome (ARS) when administered prior to, or within 24 hours of, exposure to deadly radiation. Studies will be led by the DOD's Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute (AFRRI) whose mission is to protect the U.S. military from ionizing radiation.

Ammo Retailer Sells Quality Bulk Ammunition Online for Less

LogoLAX Ammo has the best selection and prices for bulk ammunition online. Though buying ammo in bulk can get expensive fast, LAX Ammo's inventory and business relations make it more economically feasible to buy bulk ammunition online. It's the same quality ammo from the gun store or range, but for much less. Reports an Increase in Demand for Jet Transport Category Aircraft Delivery Services, a respected and dedicated website and aviation source owned by pilot Frederick Schroeder that offers the very best in aircraft movement and delivery services announces an increase in demand for jet transport category aircraft delivery related services around the world. The company brings years of experience to the table when it comes to moving aircraft from one location to another in a fast, efficient and affordable way. As world aviation continues to thrive in countries across the planet, the demand for the movement and delivery of transport category aircraft and commercial aircraft will only continue to grow.

Body Armor Megastore Taking Orders for Quality Tactical Vests and Much More This Fall Season

When it comes to proper tactical gear, there's no room to compromise on quality. When only the best military gear will do, check out Body Armor Megastore and find out why they are the premier supplier of tactical vests and related military wear. In fact, Body Armor Megastore is now taking orders for quality tactical vests and much more this fall season. Reports Record Website Traffic to Its Main Ferry Service Website, a reliable and trusted name in a wide range of commercial aircraft ferry services reports record website traffic to its main aircraft ferry service website. The company and pilot Fred Schroeder bring years of experience to the table when it comes to relocating, repositioning and moving a wide range of jet transport category aircraft from one location to another any place in the world. Fred Schroeder pilot and experienced entrepreneur has stated on multiple occasions that the company is dedicated to providing the absolute best in ferry services for companies, corporations and private individuals. Perhaps most important of all is that the new and improved website offered by the company makes it easy to navigate and to find services related to having aircraft repositioned. Offers American Security Safes with Carefully Designed Locking Mechanisms and Bolt Work, the America's leading online store for gun safes, offers an array of American Security safes with a lifetime warranty. American Security safes are best for keeping firearms protected and can be bought at the most competitive prices from this renowned store. The entire range of American Security safes that the company offers is built using supreme grade materials with solid steel plate door, ensuring the utmost security of your guns. With the added lifetime warranty against theft and fire and the option to add high gloss paint, these safes are best for any gun owner. Besides storing firearms, these gun safes can be used for storing other valuable including jewelry, cash, important documents, and many more.

Secure Firearms and Others Valuable Items in Attractive and Resilient Wall Safes from

LogoAmerica's leading provider of gun safes, offers some of the most resilient wall safes in an array of attractive designs. A wall safe is one of the highly regarded security devices for homes and offices that can be concealed behind a poster, painting, clock or other hanging obstruction which remains invisible to onlookers. These types of safes can be easily installed in between studs, and there are several other safes that even have the added feature of expandable depth. A wall safe unlike the traditional safe can disguise itself within a wall, ensuring high level of security and more storage room for important content. Offers a Wide Range of Dakota Safes with Anti-Pry Tabs for the Added Security

LogoAmerica's largest gun safes dealer, offers a comprehensive selection of Dakota Safes in numerous model including Interloc-XP, DS39, DS42, etc. All of these safes come with the Dakota logo emblazoned on the front in black. The entire range is designed using heavy 10 gauge steel with fire rated gypsum interior linings with a 1 hour 45 minute / 1250° degree fire rating. Equipped with the highest quality Anti-Pry tabs, all of their Dakota safes create ultimate security around individual's firearms. The Dakota safes are offered in a range of sizes and models with some of the advanced features to meet the wide customers' needs. Each of the Dakota safe is fire resistant, robustly designed, corrosion resistant, and easy to use.

Buy High Quality Bad Lands Safes from America's Popular Online Store,

LogoThe America's leading provider of gun safes, offers Bad Lands Safes at the market's best rates. These safes are built with heavy 12- gauge steel and come in single color, textured black armor. All of the safes have Bad Lands logo inscribed on the front in silver and have Anti-Pry tabs. This feature is said to be the USP of Bad Lands Safes as only a few upper end safes have it. All of the Bad Lands Safes have hardened steel plates, to protect the vital parts of the safe, along with a re-locker and spring loaded pin. If the pin tampers, it locks up the whole safe. Besides this, Bad Land Safes also feature expanding door seals and beige fabric interiors making them a worthy purchase. They are available in three sizes BL24, BL28 & BL42 and are carefully tested against stringent parameters to ensure prolonged durability.