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Prevent Life-Threatening Firearms Accidents with Reed Custom Safes from

LogoOne of the undisputed leaders in the gun safes industry, is now offering an array of Reed custom safes in a variety of specifications that helps gun owners reduce the risk of unintentional injury and death from firearms at homes or offices. All of these safes are embodiment of quality, security, and convenience, where individuals can not only store their firearms, but also keep their other valuables, like cash, important documents, jewelry etc. protected from getting damaged or being theft. A few of the Reed custom safes that individuals can purchase from includes Reed Custom - Model 3064 MS Safe - Gold Collection - 10 Gun 90 Minute Fire Rating - 7 Gauge, Reed Custom - Model 4064 MS Safe - Gold Collection - 38 Gun 90 Minute Fire Rating - 7 Gauge, and Reed Custom - Model 5072 MS Safe - Gold Collection - 50 Gun 90 Minute Fire Rating - 7 Gauge, just to name a few.

Making Savings when Shopping with Solware

Solware is a leading supplier of air guns, rifles and pistols, offering a vast range of weaponry and accessories, with options suitable for absolutely all possible needs and requirements. The company constantly strives to offer all of their products at the lowest possible prices so that they customers can get the most out of their money. Not only this though, they also have special offers for all to take advantage of.

Only BB Guns Answer Popular BB Gun/Airsoft FAQs

Only BB Guns is one of the UK's most leading and largest airsoft suppliers, offering everything that is needed to participate in airsoft. It doesn't stop there though, as passionate airsoft enthusiasts the company do not only strive to sell the greatest and most varied collection of products, but also the best information so that airsoft fans can increase their knowledge of airsoft whilst browsing the Only BB Guns website.

Aero Precision Upper, Aero Precision Parts and Firearms from

E-Arms, the one-stop ammo shop is pleased to offer exclusive parts and components from Aero Precision. "Aero Precision AR-15 Stripped Lower Receiver Gen 2 in Anodized Black" available at is a perfect base for a custom build AR15. The Gen 2 comes with improvements such as the Upper Tension Screw that allows users to fine tune the upper and lower receiver. This can be done with the help of nylon tipped tensioning set screw. This screw is inserted in the lower receiver's grip tang and offers a tight fit with any AR15 components.

Buy Ammo Online with LAX Ammunition and Get the Best Prices on All Favorite Brands

LogoCalifornia's premier ammunition dealers, LAX Ammo produces their own quality reloads so you can conveniently buy ammo online. Their own LAX Ammo brand is the most readily available in bulk sizes. You'll be sure to find a range of calibers available for purchase, like the LAX Ammo 9mm, 45 Auto, 38 Special, 40 S&W, and many more! Their site has all the amenities you'll need to buy ammo online.

Modern Aircraft Taking off on Kickstarter

LogoBuyworthy, the online playing card retailer is at it again, this time bringing an Air Force themed deck of cards to players and collectors worldwide. The deck features 54 customs cards each with a different combat aircraft. The project creator Josh Boyle said "This deck of cards will be a learning experience for players and collectors, not only does it feature 40 countries, but each one has been carefully considered and each aircraft represents the countries most capable jet in 2018, a realistic snapshot of modern aircraft history." The Kickstarter officially launched on the 3rd March 2018 and is already getting enthusiastic backers on-board.

Buy Ammo Online for Low Prices and High-Quality with LAX Ammo

LogoLAX Ammo makes it easy to buy ammo online with their simple "add to cart and purchase" features a huge variety of calibers, brands, and quantities. Their website constantly has specials on both reloads and factory new ammo. What is even better is that all their products, including famous brands that are competitively priced with other online stores. Because of this, their low online prices sometimes might be significantly lower than their in-store prices, making your desire to buy ammo online easily fulfilled.

Trigger Happy Firewall? Solutions to a Common Problem

LogoResearch shows firewall performance is directly tied to packets per second throughput and the number of rules engaged. It is difficult, however, to neatly fit the messy real world into static one-dimensional firewall rules, making it a challenge to create a firewall rule set that rises to the occasion but does not go overboard. More often it results in under-ruling or over-ruling, both of which introduce their own problems, not least the time spent figuring it out. The task is made even more difficult by not knowing the content or character of the network traffic. It is like hunting for a black cat in a dark room without a flashlight – or knowing whether a cat is even there.

Body Armor Megastore Offers Body Armor Plates and Many Other Products Available for Purchase

Body Armor Megastore, a leading tactical gear supplier, is excited to announce that body armor plates and many other products are available for purchase. Their high-quality body armor plates are the result of intense ballistic research to provide superior level of protection that's necessary for proper bullet-resistance. Check out the full line of tactical gear that makes Body Armor Megastore a leader in the field.

Sterling Helicopter to Exhibit at the HAI HELI-EXPO 2018 in Las Vegas

As one of the leading helicopter repair centers on the East Coast, Sterling Helicopter is proud to announce that they will be an exhibitor at the HAI HELI-EXPO2 2018, the world's largest annual helicopter trade show and exposition. Held in Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the exhibit opens Feb. 27 and wraps up on March 1.

License to Shoot Creates New Opportunities for Self-Defense Enthusiasts

LogoLong time stallwart of second amendment rights Licence To Shoot has recently relaunched their web portal to now include actionable insight and advise on ways politically active American citizens can safely and legally defend their person and property.

Online Ammunition Store, LAX Ammo Continues to Expand Its Physical Locations So Californians Can Still Get Great Deals on Ammunition

LogoWhile LAX is well known for their online ammunition store, They have added more focus on opening physical retail stores due to Prop 63 and other gun legislation. The brand originally started out as just a firing range but realized ammo prices were far too high. They decided to open a retail online ammunition store as a way to make ammo less expensive for their customers. They are slowly opening more physical stores across Southern California and currently have an Orange County, San Diego, and Sacramento location.

Popular Online Ammunition Store Has Best Pricing on a Large Selection of High-Quality Ammo

LogoLAX Ammo offers a number of brands like Winchester, Fiocchi, American Eagle, and Remington. This online ammunition store dedicates themselves to providing only the best quality ammunition for ultra-low prices. With the new California Gun Laws, LAX ammo has made sure to license themselves properly as well as license all of their employees in California and make sure that this law does not affect their out of state customers. They want their online ammunition store to be able to provide their loyal customers all ammunition they need when they need it.

Leading Gun Provider Solware Now Offering Dog Training Equipment and Accessories

One of the UK's leading providers of air rifles and air pistols, Solware, are renowned throughout the industry for the high quality products in which they constantly strive to offer at the lowest and most affordable prices, however, what many people do not know is that the company also offer gun dog training equipment and accessories.

Only BB Guns Price Match Guarantee

Only BB Guns one of the UK's most leading and reputable providers of airsoft rifles and accessories are renowned throughout the industry for their great efforts in offering the greatest quality airsoft equipment at the lowest possible prices, and this is something in which people cannot argue with either, especially considering they offer a price match guarantee.

Sterling Helicopter Continues to Offer Round-the-Clock Aircraft Support in 2018

Sterling Helicopter is Philadelphia's only heliport that is available for the public to use. In business for more than 33 years, this company is able to service a vast array of makes and models. Sterling Helicopter also offers round-the-clock emergency aircraft on ground (AOG) maintenance for helicopters in need of timely repairs.

Sterling Helicopter Provides Authorized Helicopter Repair Service

When helicopter operators are in need of Bell helicopter maintenance, they need a company that can provide superior customer service and highly-skilled technicians to get the job done right. That's why countless people have turned to Sterling Helicopter for their helicopter maintenance needs. Those in need of service are urged to contact the company, as they provide authorized helicopter repair service as well as 24/7 AOG emergency service.

Solware, the UK's Leading Air Rifle Supplier, Now Open for 2018

Solware, one of the UK's leading providers of air rifles and air pistols, had an amazing year last year – Providing more people with the most suitable rifles and guns for their individual needs and requirements than ever before and excelling in every possible way. And now, they are back open for business, already taking an abundance of orders every hour.

Only BB Guns Reveals the Coolest Airsoft Accessories

Only BB Guns has recently updated their blog providing a list of what they believe to be the 'coolest' airsoft accessories, and it is heavily anticipated that this is going to provide a great read for all those lucky people whom received BB and airsoft guns in their Christmas stockings.

Complete Celina Distribution Center Added to Celina Campus

LogoCelina has finished the new 100,000 square foot Distribution Center on their 58 acre campus in Celina, Ohio. This consolidates all of their manufacturing, kitting, and shipping into one area and will allow for sweeping changes in the efficiency and easy with which business can be handled.

California Gun Laws Now in Effect for 2018

LogoThere are several new California gun laws that have taken effect at the start of 2018. With those laws have come several ammunition laws that have directly affected LAX Ammo and their customers. To comply with the new California gun laws, LAX has made sure that they have their ammunition vendor's license, all employees have their certificates of eligibility, gates have been installed around the ammunition, etc.

Sterling Helicopter Dedicated to Putting the Client First

Owners, operators and maintainers who have been searching for the right helicopter repair center do not have to look any further. Sterling Helicopter is helping new clients who are in need of trained technicians to perform maintenance and repairs on their helicopters.

Sterling Helicopter Proud to Offer Garmin Avionic Installations and Upgrades

Helicopter owners, maintainers and operators who pride themselves on being up-to-date with the latest safety and technology that will keep them safe in the skies are encouraged to contact Sterling Helicopter, a leading helicopter repair station, and inquire about the latest releases from Garmin Aviation and flyGarmin.

Body Armor Megastore Announces the Availability of Level 3 Body Armor and Much More

Body Armor Megastore announces the availability of level 3 body armor and much more. Body armor is available in many different styles and levels. For those who need to wear only the highest quality body armor available, Body Armor Megastore has a wide selection to choose from. At Body Armor Megastore, customers have a full inventory to browse from, and they will always be provided with excellent customer service, as well. Body Armor Megastore's level 3 body armor is the exact gear that's needed for a wide range of purposes. Customers are encouraged to check with Body Armor Megastore to browse their wide range of body armor products.

Celebrate a Special Event at This Los Angeles Shooting Range

LogoLAX Firing Range has space for special events in Los Angeles and offers an exceptional experience that is unique, fun and safe. Their large variety of guns for rent paired with their professional and knowledgeable staff is here to assist anyone truly and makes them stand out as premier special events in Los Angeles location.