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Oakland Air Offers Private Jet Charter in Detroit and Grand Rapids Michigan

LogoPrivate jet charter is a fantastic alternative to time-consuming airlines. While traveling by commercial airlines can be, and in some cases airlines may not be available according to the travel schedule, having a private jet charter in Detroit and Grand Rapids, Michigan can eliminate all these problems.

Sterling Helicopter and Airbus Announce New Partnership with Superior Helicopter

Industry leaders Sterling Helicopter and Airbus have announced that they have partnered with Superior Helicopter in signing the first North American HCare Infinite contract. As it stands, this is the first HCare contract in the world to be secured via a partnership with an Airbus-approved service center (Sterling Helicopter).

Nova Electric's New High-Power Jupiter-Series Frequency Converters Combine Robust Construction with Modern Features

LogoThese Rugged Solid-State Converters are specifically designed for military and harsh environment applications.

Sterling Helicopter Attending the 2019 HAI HELI-EXPO

Philadelphia's leading FAA repair station, Sterling Helicopter is attending this year's HAI HELI-EXPO as an exhibitor. The event is held in Atlanta, GA at the Georgia World Congress Center from March 4-7, 2019. Those interested in visiting the company's exhibitor booth can ask to be directed to booth #C2103 when they arrive.

Technology Dynamics Inc. Announces Its New NTDX Series of Rugged Switching Power Supplies

LogoThe advanced new NTDX Series is capable of producing 6000 Watts of power, and is designed for both Military and Industrial applications where reliable, High Power DC is required.

Technology Dynamics Inc. Announces Its New NTDC Series of Rugged, Harsh Environment DC-DC Converters

LogoNTDC is designed for Industrial and Military applications where High Power, Highly Regulated DC is required.

California Gun Laws See Another Drastic Change in 2019

LogoLAX Ammo San Diego provides customers with some of the best ammo. This ammo can be used while safely keeping in mind California gun laws. LAX Ammo San Diego has been a community favorite for years through years of excellent service. They provide a rebate program which many customers find beneficial. California gun laws are easily accessible through the LAX Ammo San Diego website.

Nova Electric's New Aircraft-Grade UPS for DO-160 Military Applications

LogoNova Electric's new Aircraft Grade UPS Systems are designed specifically for military airborne requirements in accordance with DO-160, MIL-STD-461, and other relevant environmental standards. These are the UPSs of choice for NAVAIR, Boeing, EADS, Orbital Sciences, NASA, the US Coast Guard, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, and many other high profile airborne applications worldwide.

Oakland Air Simplifies Travel by Offering Private Jet Charter in Detroit and Grand Rapids, Michigan

LogoFor those looking for a private jet charter in Detroit and Grand Rapids, Michigan, Oakland Air is the name to consider.

Oakland Air Encourages Business Executives in Chartering a Private Jet in Detroit and Grand Rapids, Michigan

LogoWhen it comes to chartering a private jet in Detroit and Grand Rapids, Michigan, Oakland Air is the ideal place to visit.

Body Armor Megastore Offering Quality Tactical Military Gear to Customers This Winter Season

As the new year gets underway, Body Armor Megastore would like to announce that it's continuing to offer quality tactical military gear to customers throughout the winter season. One of the most important factors when purchasing tactical gear, aside from sizing and brands, is the quality of the products. However, the customers of Body Armor Megastore will be pleased to know that the tactical gear sold by this company is designed to the highest quality available. From its Level 3A bulletproof shirts to backpack armor and other tactical gear, the best place to shop for quality bullet resistant products is Body Armor Megastore.

Oakland Air Provides the Best Aircraft for Sale in Michigan and Lansing Michigan

LogoOakland Air is a prominent enterprise based in Michigan. It was established in the year 1989 and is famed for being one of the critical aviation assets in the Metro Detroit region. The prime focus of Oakland Air offers all their clients the best possible quality of services at the most cost-effective pricing while providing the maximum assurance of their wellbeing and safety as well. This company offers exquisite private jets for rent in Detroit and Grand Rapids Michigan and aims at providing their discerning clients and customers a new level of personalized services. Oakland Air's plethora of personalized and premium services have enabled them to magnetize a host of high-profile clients from across the country. This company offers their services in diverse parts of Michigan, including Grand Rapids, Lansing, Flint, Detroit, and its neighboring areas.

Oakland Air Offers Premier Services of Private Jet Charter in Grand Rapids and Waterford Michigan

LogoOakland Air is a highly reputed Michigan based company and was established in the year 1989. This company was famed for being one of the vital aviation assets located in the Metro Detroit region. Oakland air focuses on providing the highest quality of services possible to their clients at affordable pricing, while also making sure of their safety and wellbeing. The unwavering commitment of this company to their clients through the decades has enabled it to attract several high profile patrons from across the country. This company holds the reputation of offering the best aircraft for sale in Michigan and Lansing Michigan.

Body Armor Megastore Sells Level 3 Backpack Body Armor Inserts

Body Armor Megastore is Pennsylvania's leading supplier of body armor and body armor backpack inserts. With a huge selection of tested and proven products, the company has been helping customers across the state find peace of mind in troubling times. For customers searching for level 3, rifle-rated protection, Body Armor Megastore offers a wide selection of level 3 body armor backpack inserts.

Oakland Air Offers Private Jet Charter Service in Detroit and Grand Rapids, Michigan

LogoIn the competitive world, where time is a significant constraint, spending too much of time on travel can thwart business operation. While traveling by vehicles can be time-consuming, choosing air flight can save one's time. Oddly, the latter option involves several intricacies regarding rules and regulations that often make the experience quite a hassle. This is why private jet charter is quite popular.

Oakland Air Helps People with Chartering a Private Jet in Detroit and Grand Rapids, Michigan

LogoDue to its exclusivity and other benefits, chartering a private jet has become a common practice among business executives and corporate personnel. The reason it has become so popular is that there is no need to check-in hours before the flight departure. The convenience of choosing date and time of departure has made it an on-demand service in various parts of the world. Oakland Air is one such service provider for such private jet charter in Detroit and Grand Rapids, Michigan.

NMEA Publishes Updated Version of NMEA 0183 for New Global Satellite Systems

LogoNational Marine Electronics Association

Sterling Helicopter Is Excited for the Future of VR in Helicopter Design

Sterling Helicopter is excited to announce that the helicopter design process may become faster and more cost-efficient by incorporating Virtual Reality (VR) technology. Bell recently used VIVE VR and partnered with the 3D design and production agency Sector 5 Digital to craft their revolutionary FXC-001 helicopter.

Oakland Air Specializes in Aircraft Maintenance in Michigan

LogoSafety is the name of the game when it comes to private aircraft. Aircraft maintenance and repair is a service that deals with rectifying issues related to various parts, navigational devices, and engine components that make up an airplane. Offers Socal Safes That Provide the Ultimate Protection to Firearms and Valuables

LogoOne of the prominent suppliers of gun safes, offers socal safes that provide protection to firearms and valuables. The safes are available in various different styles and sizes to fit the need of the customers. All of the socal gun safes are manufactured according the industry's highest anti-burglary and fire protection standards. The safes are produced with the maximum space available to the customer and a capacity for numerous gun safes. Some of the socal gun safes include Socal Safe 30 Minute Fire - Classic 16 Gun Safe, Socal Safe FX-7236 International Fortress TL-30x6 Composite Safe - 39 cu. ft., Socal Safe Eurovault EV-1713 Mini Vault - 1.6 cu. ft., Socal Safe Eurovault EV-1717 Mini Vault - 2.8 cu. ft. and many more.

Body Armor Megastore Announces 3A Body Armor Is for Sale and Much More

Body Armor Megastore, a leading provider of bulletproof inserts, is announcing 3A body armor and many other quality products are available for sale this fall season. One of the most important factors when buying tactical gear is the quality of the product. The last thing somebody out in the field needs is armor that is questionable with its ability to protect. Those who are looking for durable, dependable tactical gear are encouraged to turn to Body Armor Megastore.

Official Statement: Sentient Science Settles Claim with National Science Foundation

LogoSentient Science has settled with the United States Department of Energy and National Science Foundation (NSF) after four years of litigation. Sentient Science continues to deny allegations that it violated the False Claims Act, but the cost of continued litigation was becoming too great for our small business.

Oakland Air Takes Pride in Chartering a Private Jet in Lansing and Grand Rapids, Michigan

LogoPeople who travel frequently can opt to rent or own a private jet charter. It is a more convenient option than scheduled airlines in so many ways, but one should expect the higher price. Nevertheless, a private jet is a practical choice for those who are in a hurry to get to their destination.

Oakland Air Offers the Best Prices for Private Jet Charter in Michigan and Grand Rapids, Michigan

LogoOakland Air is one of the premier aviation assets in the Metro Detroit area providing an extensive platform of aviation-related services. The goal is to serve the sophisticated needs of the corporations, yet still, give the high level of personalized service necessary to satisfy the expectations of high net worth individual aircraft operators.

First Ballistic Protection Device Designed for Active Shooter Scenarios

The CoveMe-Seat looks, feels and functions like a portable stadium-style seat. But this seat has a lifesaving secret. The device – billed as the world's first protective product engineered specifically with active shooting scenarios in mind – converts in seconds into a top-caliber bulletproof vest. Practical Protection, the Seattle-based company that designed and manufactures the seat, began shipping to its U.S. customers last month.