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Unveiling the Most Exciting Naval Defence Show in the World

Centuries of anthropological data will reveal the importance of bodies of waters on the development, sustenance and evolution of human civilizations. The Romans, Egyptians and Indian heritages have flourished due to the availability of marine trade and ship industries. Consequently, the same concept applies today and this is seen most evidently in the Asia-Pacific region. Being the gateway to India, Australia and the American continent and sitting at the apex of the biologically rich coral triangle, the Asia-Pacific region is projected to be the largest maritime border and security market in the next 10 years. Because of this, government officials, companies and even private citizens around the region should be informed of the ways by which they can participate in strengthening the naval defence of their respective countries. To accomplish this, concerned stakeholders are advised to participate in a maritime conference and no better event can provide pertinent naval security information than the IMDEX Asia-Pacific 2015.

Hales Global Learns Defense Buying Priorities First-Hand from Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics

With so many conflicts around the world, the needs of the US Government Department of Defense continue to grow.

Investigative Site Reveals Russian Nuclear Attacks in Ukraine

JKI (John Kettler Investigates), a site dedicated to investigating, via highly sensitive military-intelligence sources and solid research, what's really going on here and abroad, revealed today that Russian forces have used tactical nuclear weapons inside Ukraine. US radiological testing and chemical testing done via air samples captured over the Black Sea, together with other intel, confirm that Russia detonated at least two 240 mm nuclear projectiles, each 3 kiloton mortar bomb possessing approximately 20% the destructive capability of the A-Bomb used at Hiroshima.