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Tomorrow in Space Makes Space Exploration Accessible for Everyone with Their Unique CubeSat Program

Come 2018, and anyone can be a rocket scientist with own satellite to invade into the space. Tomorrow In Space announces about their unique CubeSat Program, which will allow people to send a satellite into space at a fixed cost of £20k per satellite. The project is expected to launch in the year 2018, and one can start booking for this unique space exploration as of now until the end of 2016.

Aims to Get Britain More Active as Lack of Exercise Causes Up 37,000 Deaths a Year: Solware Comments

Increasing attention is being drawn towards what appears to be a growing health issue in the UK: Physical inactivity. It is estimated that a lack of exercise costs the economy up to £20 billion per year and is responsible for up to 37,000 deaths annually also. A number of initiatives have been launched in response – with much greater focus expected on encouraging active lifestyles across society.

Britain Is Going for Gold in the Sport Pistol Rankings: Solware Comments

Pistol shooting appears to be growing as a successful sport in the UK, especially following the recent achievements in the British Sport Pistol rankings. Competitions for these rankings run throughout the year, highlighting what a popular participatory sport it is. Recent successes include ASC's Geri Buckley shooting her way to top place – with exciting results. Her score was high enough for her to represent Great Britain at the British Pistol Club Sport Pistol competitions which will be held in Bisley. This is a success to be celebrated and the wide network of competition emphasizes the level of activity within the sport.

Imperial Wire & Cable Awarded the ISO 9001:2008 Certificate

The ISO 9001: 2008 Certificate is awarded by QAS International in recognition of compliance with high standards of staff motivation, customer satisfaction and continuing improvement. It's an internationally recognized standard that demonstrates commitment to quality by highlighting the achievements in product, process and service quality by the recipient company. QAS International awards this certificate after regular and continuous surveillance edits, where a team of experienced auditors assess all aspects of fundamental business controls, intended to encourage the company to strive for continued improvement and better business performance.

Keep Firearms out of Children's Reach with Format USA Gun Safes from

LogoFirearms are utilized by many individuals across the world for safety and protection against intruders and burglars. Though being a wonderful self-defense weapon, firearms can at times be risky and a reason for uncalled accidents, usually caused due to unauthorized access by children or others. Therefore, it is essential for gun holders to store their firearms in appropriate gun safes to avoid misuse. Keeping this in view, is providing a wide array of Format USA gun safes at the most competitive prices. The Format USA gun safes that the company offers are manufactured utilizing cutting edge technological tools to ensure they fulfill the highest quality standards and suit the needs of the individuals. Their wide collection includes Format USA AA19 24 Gun / 30 Minute Gun Safe, Format USA BA12E 90 Minute Home Safe, Format USA BB02 Home Safe, Format USA AA34E 54 Gun / 30 Minute Gun Safe and many others. Individuals seeking a sturdy gun safe for their firearms collection can count on the Format USA safes being offered by this reputed firm. Moreover, a Format USA gun safe can also make for a wonderful Christmas gift.

DPH Arms Announces Increase of AK47 Accessories to Accommodate Continued Popularity

The automatic Kalashnikov, better known as the AK-47, is a popular weapon, with an estimated 75 to 100 million of these firearms across the globe. This is the equivalent of one for approximately every 60 individuals, according to The Globalist. All AK-47s feature the same design complete with a banana shaped magazine, yet there are several variations and names for this firearm. When an owner finds they are in need of AK-47 Accessories, DPH Arms is the place to visit.

Hartford Universal Group Launches Two New Non Lethal Grenade Products

Grenades are often thought of as hand operated bombs, with explosive force that projects hard shrapnel in a destructive range that will aim and kill those caught in the blast. However, Hartford Universal Group has looked at the non-lethal alternatives for grenades that can create significant pacification effects without the need of lethal force. This has resulted in two new products being brought to market- a flash bang and a rubber grenade that will offer police and Special Forces more options for non-lethal solutions to complex challenges.

Croes Solutions, Inc. Launches Website Offering Quality Outdoor Knives

LogoMichael Croes is pleased to announce the creation and launch of his new website venture, The website offers a broad assortment of outdoor knives including survival knives to use for any outdoor activity, hunting knives, camping knives, and fishing knives. Croes was inspired to start his website by his desire to provide quality knives to people who wanted to do different kinds of activities outdoors. He decided to start a website where people could come to easily find and purchase the knives that they needed for outdoor activities.

DPH Arms Announces the AK47 Continues to Increase in Popularity

The automatic Kalashnikov, better known as the AK-47, is a popular weapon, with an estimated 75 to 100 million of these firearms across the globe. This is the equivalent of one for approximately every 60 individuals, according to The Globalist. All AK-47s feature the same design complete with a banana shaped magazine, yet there are several variations and names for this firearm. When an owner finds they are in need of AK-47 Accessories, DPH Arms is the place to visit.

ProPhotoUAV Launches Latest Drone Models Fostering Swelling Interest in UAV's

Reports indicate drone sales among the private and entertainment sectors exceeded 1 million units last year, landing these items among the world's top sellers. This comes as no surprise to the staff of ProPhotoUAV who have watched the current trend unfold since 2013. In light of growing acclaim in their genre, spokesperson Logan Rode has launched the company's latest line of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Delta World Charter Launches Private Jet Search on Its Website

LogoDELTA WORLD CHARTER (the "Company") has added new private jet search capabilities to its state of the art corporate website:

Just Holster It Expands Shooting Target Practice

Just Holster It is one of the leading names in state-of-the-art holster design, with many of its products having achieved widespread recognition among experienced shooters and novices alike. With a product line that includes some of the best concealed-carry holsters in the business and high-quality holster belts each crafted from a single piece of pure leather, the company has managed to secure a top spot in what is increasingly becoming a highly competitive shooting accessories market.

Delta World Charter Announces Appointment of Satvir Kalsi as Senior Account Manager – Cargo

LogoDELTA WORLD CHARTER (the "Company") announced the appointment of Satvir Kalsi as Senior Account Manager – Cargo. In this position, Satvir will lead DWC's cargo business and will be responsible for sales, quality assurance for customers and suppliers, as well as the overall strategic and operational aspects.

Oplite Technologies Takes Home Best Visual Identity 2015 Transform Award

LogoOplite Technologies was awarded Silver at the inaugural 2015 Transform Awards North America. The award also went to Grant Marketing of Boston, whose brand strategy and creative elements transformed the former Mid-Sota Aircraft into the new Oplite Technologies. The award recognizes Grant Marketing's excellence in rebranding and brand development.

Metrojet Flight 9268: Flying the Mayday Plane Trail

LogoAll I know is that when you fly in fear, the sky, the air, and the distance below is immense and hostile. In the presence of air, the earth and your stomach fall away, leaving your heart racing. I sometimes think of the fear passengers felt as a plane went down—but this is not something to dwell on. Dwelling is long, painful, lingering. For most, a crash is only seconds in the making. Maybe the catastrophe is so brief, there is no time even for fear. One hopes this is the circumstance for those who are trapped in the moment of final disaster, like this most recent one, Metrojet Flight 9268 that crashed in the Sinai.

LoPresti Aviation Announces New Products at NBAA Booth N3411

LogoLoPresti Aviation is set to announce many new products at this years NBAA convention in Las Vegas. The LoPresti team will be located at booth N3411.

LoPresti Announces New BoomBeam HID Lighting for Challenger and CRJ

LogoLoPresti Aviation, leading provider of aviation performance and efficiency solutions, announces the release of the BoomBeam HID light kit for Challenger and CRJ series.

West Palm Jet Charter Offering High Quality Private Jet Charter Services

Adding convenience, comfort, style, and time efficiency to business and private travel, private flying signifies a well-run, efficient, successful individual or organization that values time and can afford private air travel. Therefore, individuals with influence and affluence are trending towards private flying, which has now become a global phenomenon. When so much is at stake, it becomes all the more crucial for the private flyer to find the right service providers that can cater to his diverse requirements in a prompt and professional manner. West Palm Jet Charter, an illustrious private jet charter service provider, has been doing it the day in and day out for quite a while now.

LoPresti Announces New BoomBeam HID Light for Learjet

LogoLoPresti Aviation, leading provider of aviation performance and efficiency solutions, announces the release of the BoomBeam HID lighting system for Bombardier Learjet.

Former Honeywell Aerospace Leader & Apache Pilot, Jason Rios, Joins Sentient Science Sales Team

LogoRotorcraft expert and West Point graduate, Jason Rios, has joined the Sentient Science sales team to help commercialize DigitalCloneLive® into the aerospace and transportation markets.

Dassault Falcon Operator Rave About the Improved Safety Provided by BoomBeam HID

Logo"We have had customers raving about their Next Generation BoomBeam HID lights," says Tyler Wheeler, CEO of LoPresti Aviation. "It is very satisfying to have a product that customers call and thank you for selling to them. Each week I receive a complement about our Falcon BoomBeam HID landing and taxi lights. Our sales are strong and with the new addition of the Falcon 7X to our STC I expect our sales will soar."

Delta World Charter Completes Its First Managed Fleet Project

LogoDELTA WORLD CHARTER (the "Company") has successfully completed its managed fleet project of two 747-200F Nose loaders Freighter Aircraft, that it took up in January this year.

Delta World Charter Launches Arabic-Language Website

LogoDELTA WORLD CHARTER (the "Company") has unveiled an Arabic version of its corporate website designed to reach an even wider diversified customer base. The company already has English and Russian language websites. With the new launch, DWC's Arabic-speaking customers and suppliers can access all its existing website functions from corporate information, news articles, blog to everything else that is live in a user-friendly interface.

DeFancy Launches a Campaign to Introduce Their Wearable Self-Defense Product Line

LogoAn Israeli based team has launched a crowdfunding campaign with a funding goal of $100,000 on Indiegogo in order to introduce their "DeFancy – Wearable self-defense" line of personal protection products to the public. DeFancy is a unique line of wearable pepper spray devices that help people keep their self-defense within easy reach at all times. This project is the creation of Nir Neria, who wanted to come up with a more efficient and effective way to protect his family. He states, "We all tell our loved ones at least once a day to take care of themselves. It's time to go beyond just saying, and give them the right tools for the task. Don't tell them to take care - give them the tools to be able to do so."

International Aero Products Introduces Latest Product in the New Product Showcase at the 2015 Sema Show

LogoInternational AERO Products announced today a new addition to the product line, AERO-FUSION, Polymer Infused Carnauba Wax. The new product developed and tested by AERO's master aircraft detailers and chemists will be on display in the New Product Showcase at the 2015 SEMA Show and the AERO booth #13029.