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DWC Successfully Completes Cargo Airlift of 25-Ton 40' Container of Energy Equipment

LogoDELTA WORLD CHARTER (DWC) successfully completed a 25-Ton 40-Foot container airlift from Maastricht Aachen Airport (MST), Beek, Netherlands to Doha International Airport (DOH), Qatar on 5 April 2016. The transport was undertaken to facilitate the delivery of a separation unit with a control room for an energy company in Qatar, in the Middle East.

Professional Flying School Opens New Airfield to Cover London and the South East

Go Fly Oxford, an approved training organisation certified by the UK Civil Aviation Authority are driven by their passion for flying and pleased to now offer flying lessons from London Ashford Airport, Lydd, Romney Marsh, Kent TN29 9QL.

Florida Airplane Hanger, Office, Manufacturing and Warehouse Space for Sale

An Executive hanger and commercial real estate are currently up for sale by its owner close to Orlando and Daytona. This recently announced Florida Airplane Hangar For Sale is a golden opportunity for all those who are searching for an airplane hangar, office space, manufacturing space and warehouse space, in a location ideal for both individuals and companies. This land is owned, not rented. The property is located at Massey Ranch Airpark at 435 Airpark in Edgewater, Florida in Volusia County.

Gun Chase Directory Launches Free Business Spotlight to Give the Gun Industry Greater Exposure

A leading gun related business directory has today announced the launch of their Business Spotlight section to give gun related businesses greater exposure. Gun Chase ( has become one of the most recommended directory sites to help consumers find products and services relating to guns. The new service allows businesses to stand out through the ad-editorial feature service.

Body Armor Megastore: Choosing Protection

It's not a tough decision. Safety is a choice, and it's one millions of people make every day. For gun owners, it's a choice they've already made. A firearm is a form of protection for some; but, for others, it's a hobby. For millions of American families, however, a firearm is peace of mind because owning one is a means of assuring that loved ones safe.

Delta World Charter Successfully Completes Cargo Airlift in Support of Presidential Elections in Congo

LogoDELTA WORLD CHARTER (the "Company") successfully completed a Boeing 747-400 Freighter airlift with National Air Cargo, transporting 15 vehicles from Al Maktoum International Airport, Dubai (DWC) to Maya-Maya Airport, located in Brazzaville, capital of the Republic of Congo on 1 March 2016.

Artist Taking on Society with Plan for a New Pioneer Space Plaque

LogoArtist Boris Kozlov has a bold and provocative vision, part of which is captured in his new Kickstarter campaign, which is seeking funding to petition the world's space agencies to launch a new version of the iconic plaque on the Pioneer 10 space probe.

2 Tone BB Pistols See a Growing Popularity: Just BB Guns Respond with New Products

2 tone BB guns are typically gas and spring options which offer both accessibility and affordability. Their usually streamlined designs and compact size make them ideal for recreational target practice – whether in the garden or at a facility – hence why popularity has seen an increase going into 2016.

Delta World Charter Launches iOS App for Private Aviation Users

LogoDelta World Charter (DWC), global air charter specialists based at Al Maktoum International Airport in Dubai have announced the release of their free App available on the Apple Store. The App 'DeltaCharter' allows travellers to search for accredited Turbo Prop, Light, Midsize or Heavy Jets from any Point A to Point B globally. The App is compatible with both iPhone and iPad.

Delta World Charter Successfully Completes Cargo Airlift for World's Leader in Transportation & Logistics

LogoDELTA WORLD CHARTER (the "Company") successfully completed a 42-ton pharmaceutical airlift from Al Maktoum International Airport, Dubai (DWC) to Bamako Senou International Airport, Bamako (BKO) on 11 March 2016. The cargo flight was operated for a leading global logistics group.

DWC Announces Appointment of Aziz Ghorbani as Senior Account Manager-Airliners

LogoDELTA WORLD CHARTER (DWC) announced the appointment of Aziz Ghorbani as Senior Account Manager-Airliners. In this position, Aziz will lead the company's Airliners business and report to Dmitriy Korshunov, CEO. He will be responsible for the department's global key account management, customer & supplier relations, as well as operational and tactical decision-making.

New Company Image and Branding - Ryno Resumes

LogoRyno Resumes, a locally owned business that focuses on crafting and refining top-grade professional resumes for clients ranging from college to corporate executives, this week officially launched their new, eye-catching logo featuring the unique tagline, "Supercharge your Resume." A one-stop-shop for all professional and LinkedIn resumes requirements, Ryno Resumes accepts customized resume orders, resume writing, and even performs free job searching assistance.

Biometric Gun Safes from Ensure the Ultimate Protection Against Unauthorized Access, a recognized online portal for gun safes, now offers a comprehensive selection of Biometric Gun Safes at reasonable prices. The company has lasting relationships with some of the leading gun safe manufactures like Browning, American Security, Winchester, VaultPro, Fort Knox, Liberty and many others to offer only top-notch quality gun safes. With its vast delivery network, the company ensures their deliveries happen on time. Biometric gun safes are especially designed to provide foolproof safety to gun owners from robbery and physical damage. Those who are looking for quality gun safes can explore a wide range of Biometric gun safes being offered by the company.

New Wifi-Enabled Pitot Static Testers Are Available Now from Laversab

LogoFor over 30 years Laversab has been providing high-performance Pitot Static Testers and Air Data Test Sets to the aviation industry. These products are successfully being used in the Military, Commercial, Business and General Aviation sectors all over the world, both for fixed-wing and rotor-wing aircraft.

Air Squared, Inc. Has Been Given a Contract to Develop Scroll Compressor in NASA MOXIE Demonstration Unit for Mars 2020 Mission

Industry leader in oil-free scroll design and manufacturing, Air Squared, Inc. has been awarded a contract for designing and developing a CO2 scroll compressor from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. This compressor will be used in the MOXIE technology demonstration experiment for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Mars 2020 mission. Early in 2015, the main aim of the paper study was to see whether scroll technology could be used to meet or exceed the huge requirements of the MOXIE CO2 compressor. As per the study, the scroll technology was not only feasible but also offered various advantages over competing technologies, such as reciprocating technology.

Justice for Vets: Playing with Heroes for Fun or Profit

LogoAt some point, you stand there shaking your head: When reality collides with fiction and there arises no seeming distinction between the two, the perversion multiplies exponentially. In the final summation, can we tell the difference any longer?

Diesel Generator Refit for UK's Warships Revealed: Electrical Generators Ltd

The importance of having quality, powerful generators has been emphasized by recent announcements that some of the Royal Navy's most prominent Warships are set to be fitted with new engines and technologies. The fleet concerned is six Type 45 destroyers and it is thought that implementations such as upgrading the diesel generators will address issues of reliability and add to power. This is raising the profile and discussion of diesel generators and the systems in which they may be used; something that Electrical Generators was keen to comment on.

Commercial Drones Market to Exceed $4.5 Billion in 2020

LogoArcluster is excited to announce the publication of its 2016 Forecast Report on the Commercial Drones Market (2015 – 2020). The market for commercial drones is expected to exceed $4.5 billion in the next five years, growing at over 60% during this period. The report covers the market dynamics, assumptions, forces, segments, sizes and forecasts of commercial drones for the period 2015 – 2020, and is targeted primarily at providing the market trends and forecasts with demand side insights and key vendor profiles.

Lufthansa: Safekeeping Profits or Passengers?

LogoAccording to the BEA, they will release the final report on Germanwings 9525 on Sunday, March 13, 2016 during a press briefing. I plan to be there.

Artist Creates New Exhibit in Virtual World for Mars Isolation Test Crew

To help future Mars astronauts overcome the potential psychological threats of an unprecedented duration of social isolation and separation from Earth, scientists at SIFT and ATW are exploring the use of a Virtual World ecosystem called ANSIBLE to extend their physical environment virtually and allow them to communicate with Earth in innovative ways. The project was named ANSIBLE after the science fiction term for a machine that allows people to receive answers to messages in a reasonable amount of time, even over interstellar distances.

Market for Drones in Agriculture Expected to Exceed $1 Billion in 2020

LogoArcluster announces the publication of its market research study on the Agricultural Drones Market (2015 – 2020). The new farm drone market study is aimed at delivering the most comprehensive and well informed study on the market for drones in agriculture, covering trends across both the supply side and the demand side.

WBParts Named as RANS Aircraft Exclusive Supplier for Kitting Parts

Aircraft manufacturer RANS has announced the selection of WBParts, Inc. of Palm Bay, Floridaas their exclusive supplier of airplane kitting parts.

MilitaryBases.Co Puts US Military Bases on the Map, Answers Putin's Challenge

Russian military activity in the Arctic has left many European nations scrambling for their defenses. Putin denies any aggressive intent on the part of Russian military, instead insinuating that the US may be using excess military spending in the form of military bases surrounding Russian territories. is the exact answer to Putin's challenge to pinpoint US military bases. US army's expanding foreign presence, whether to maintain peace in conflict-prone areas, or to tactfully expand US defense forces' global coverage, is well elucidated on

.Security, .Protection, & .Theater Domains Now Globally Available to the General Public

LogoXYZ, the registry operator behind the world's most popular new domain, .xyz, today announced the global launch of .Security, .Protection, and .Theatre domain names. These new vertical-specific web addresses provide businesses and professionals in some of world's fastest growing industries with the opportunity to secure short, authoritative names and establish themselves as leaders in their field.

Veterans in Justice: The Failure to Define a Problem

LogoOn December 7, 2015--Pearl Harbor Day--the Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics released its somewhat overdue national survey on veterans in prison and jail. The last national survey was conducted in 2004 and was released in 2007.