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Hydraulic Studio Completes Large Project for Connecticut Company in the MRO Aviation Space

LogoHydraulic Studio has completed a large video and product photography project for a Connecticut company with operations in the Midwest.

Law & Order Generation: The Injustice of Indifference

LogoWe're all familiar with the popular television series. An entire generation of Americans has sat transfixed as, night after night, a dedicated team of police officers and prosecuting attorneys chase down a never-ending chain of child molesters, murderers and rapists. They are the perennial good guys, continually frustrated by the manipulations of clever defense attorneys who avail themselves of dirty tricks and legal loop-holes and the bad guys get away.

Choose Browning Gun Safes from for Ensuring Foolproof Security of Firearms

LogoA leading provider of gun safes in the nation, is now offering an extensive collection of top notch quality Browning gun safes at the most competitive prices. These gun safes are manufactured utilizing latest technological tools and equipped with the finest locks, most reliable and protective cam locking systems and other innovative attack-resistant features. Moreover, Browning gun safes also provide fire protection through multiple layers of high-density, fire-resistant insulation, and a high-temperature fire seal surrounding the perimeter of the door. The different types of Browning gun safes that individuals can purchase from them include 2016 Browning SR26F Gun Safe Silver Series: 7-29 Gun Safe, 2016 Browning HR26F Gun Safe Hunter Series: 11-29 Gun Safe - Scratch & Dent, 2016 Browning HR26F Gun Safe Hunter Series: 11-29 Gun Safe - Scratch & Dent, 2016 Browning HW24 Heavy Weight Series Gun Safe: 7-25 Gun and many others.

Eliminate Challenger AD 2014-15-17 with LoPresti STC- New Low Heat Landing and Taxi Lights Improve Performance and Range

LogoLoPresti Aviation is the leading provider of high-performance landing, taxi, and recognition lighting. We are excited to announce a new STC'ed product that will eliminate Challenger AD 2014-15-17.

Body Armor Megastore: A Better Level of Protection

Protection is something that comes in many forms. Protection can be something as simple as a jacket in winter, a lock on the door, a little extra maintenance on the car. Sometimes, protection isn't so simple, sometimes protection, especially in a tactical setting requires a precise solution.

Seegrid Shares the Innovation Vision in Aerospace Manufacturing

LogoSeegrid, the pioneer and leader in three-dimensional vision navigation, fulfills the innovation pressures that many industries face. For example, the aerospace and defense (A&D) sector is facing increased pressure to continuously innovate and increase airplane productivity, while also reducing labor and operating costs. Achieving all these targets requires a large, specialized workforce. A&D executives are feeling the pressure to simultaneously produce innovative products, control costs, and plan for future growth to stay ahead of this increasingly competitive market.

Private Aviator Princejets Just Launched First Ever Private Jet Charter Price Calculator

LogoPrincejets, a leading on-demand jet charter and aircraft rental provider, announces the launch of the first ever private jet charter flight price calculator which gives travellers the opportunity to determine which type of aircraft is best suited to the occasion with immediate charter pricing, seating capacity and flight time.

Reduce the Risk of Accidents with Black Diamond Safes from, a well-known supplier of gun safes, now announces the availability of Black Diamond Safes at affordable prices. These safes are of great help in keeping firearms protected from any untoward gun accidents. The entire range of black diamond safes that the company offers are built with heavy 12 gauge steel and come in one color textured black silver vein. All safes come with the black diamond logo emblazoned on the front in silver and have anti-pry tabs. They are fire resistant, robustly designed, corrosion resistant and also easy to use. Individuals looking for a reliable gun storage solution can now explore an array of Black Diamond Safes being offered online by

Mid-America Youth Aviation Association Receives Donation from Goody Tickets

Goody Tickets owner Heather Goodman contributed to the Kansas City Air Show Aviation Expo, held annually to benefit the Mid-America Youth Aviation Association (MAYAA). The August 2015 event featured the United States Navy Blue Angels Jet Team as well as other military and civilian performances. MAYAA's Kansas City aviation professionals and other supporters volunteer to produce the event each year. The Kansas City Aviation Expo and Airshow Facebook page announced May 9 that there will not be a 2016 show.

Nolan Brundige Seeks Funding via Kickstarter to Start the Production of Go-Knife

LogoNolan Brundige is the designer of the company's upcoming product Go-Knife. The designer claims that this versatile product will serve as the ultimate compact survival tool. This comprehensive 9-in-1 survival tool has been designed with care to fit anywhere with minimal weight. Alongside Go-Knife, Nolan is also ready to introduce the new Go-Bracelet, a product that acts as a confluence between survival and fashion.

Dakota Gun Safes from for Ultimate Protection Against Intruders

LogoA leading provider of gun safes in the nation, is now offering Dakota DS42 Gun Safes at the most competitive prices. This Dakota gun safe has the capability to store 51 guns and is available for just $2,499.00. The weight of this gun safe is 1312 lbs. and exterior dimension 42"W x 27"D x 72"H. This amazing gun safe is equipped with features like 1 hour 45 minute / 1250° Degree Fire Rating, 11 Gauge Fully Continuous Welded Body, 4 Way Bolt Works, 18 massive 1.5" Active Locking Bolts, Anti-Pry Tabs, Palusol Heat Seal, Cold Smoke Seal, Manual Keyed Dial lock and many others. Individuals owning a huge gun collection can bring home the Dakota DS42 gun safe to protect their investment from theft. This gun safe can restrict unauthorized access and secure guns from water as well as fire damages.

The Northern Shooting Show 2016

Avid Shooting enthusiasts are keenly anticipating the annual Northern Shooting Show, held on the 7th and 8th May 2016 at the Yorkshire Event Centre, Harrogate. The event will feature the latest technological advances from a variety of renowned manufacturers of air guns, shotguns, lights and optics and clothing and accessories in two day action packed showcase event. .50 Caliber Shooters Association, AA Decoys, Airgunner World and Airsoft Sniper Parts UK are some of the names on the exhibitor lineup.

Beretta Opens Gallatin Plant

Gunmaker Beretta has recently unveiled a new manufacturing and research facility as a huge $45milliion investment which is set to create over 300 jobs.

DEFENSE TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION (DTC)'S 'Offender Alert Passive Scan' - The Solution to Curb School Violence

LogoCanyon Gold Corp. (OTCQB:CGCC) (The Company) has completed an extensive market review and analysis into the rapidly growing international concern of weapons being brought into our schools by students.

Germanwings Flight 9525 and the Locked Door Controversy

LogoAnyone who has been locked out of their own house or car understands the need for some kind of solution for the crisis of being accidentally caught on the wrong side of the impregnable lock. In a "normal" situation on the ground, being locked out of a house or car means one must turn to a locksmith. Problem solved. Obviously this is not a solution for the airborne. I don't see commercial airlines adding a locksmith to their flight crew any time soon.

The Annual Great British Shooting Show 2017

The Great British Shooting Show is now entering its eight year running and will be held at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire from the 10th – 12th February 2017. Shooting aficionados from around the world will gather to witness an impressive exhibition featuring the very best technological advancements from world famous manufacturers of rifles, shotguns, air guns, lights and optics in an industry spectacular exhibition.

DWC Successfully Completes Cargo Airlift of 25-Ton 40' Container of Energy Equipment

LogoDELTA WORLD CHARTER (DWC) successfully completed a 25-Ton 40-Foot container airlift from Maastricht Aachen Airport (MST), Beek, Netherlands to Doha International Airport (DOH), Qatar on 5 April 2016. The transport was undertaken to facilitate the delivery of a separation unit with a control room for an energy company in Qatar, in the Middle East.

Professional Flying School Opens New Airfield to Cover London and the South East

Go Fly Oxford, an approved training organisation certified by the UK Civil Aviation Authority are driven by their passion for flying and pleased to now offer flying lessons from London Ashford Airport, Lydd, Romney Marsh, Kent TN29 9QL.

Florida Airplane Hanger, Office, Manufacturing and Warehouse Space for Sale

An Executive hanger and commercial real estate are currently up for sale by its owner close to Orlando and Daytona. This recently announced Florida Airplane Hangar For Sale is a golden opportunity for all those who are searching for an airplane hangar, office space, manufacturing space and warehouse space, in a location ideal for both individuals and companies. This land is owned, not rented. The property is located at Massey Ranch Airpark at 435 Airpark in Edgewater, Florida in Volusia County.

Gun Chase Directory Launches Free Business Spotlight to Give the Gun Industry Greater Exposure

A leading gun related business directory has today announced the launch of their Business Spotlight section to give gun related businesses greater exposure. Gun Chase ( has become one of the most recommended directory sites to help consumers find products and services relating to guns. The new service allows businesses to stand out through the ad-editorial feature service.

Body Armor Megastore: Choosing Protection

It's not a tough decision. Safety is a choice, and it's one millions of people make every day. For gun owners, it's a choice they've already made. A firearm is a form of protection for some; but, for others, it's a hobby. For millions of American families, however, a firearm is peace of mind because owning one is a means of assuring that loved ones safe.

Delta World Charter Successfully Completes Cargo Airlift in Support of Presidential Elections in Congo

LogoDELTA WORLD CHARTER (the "Company") successfully completed a Boeing 747-400 Freighter airlift with National Air Cargo, transporting 15 vehicles from Al Maktoum International Airport, Dubai (DWC) to Maya-Maya Airport, located in Brazzaville, capital of the Republic of Congo on 1 March 2016.

Artist Taking on Society with Plan for a New Pioneer Space Plaque

LogoArtist Boris Kozlov has a bold and provocative vision, part of which is captured in his new Kickstarter campaign, which is seeking funding to petition the world's space agencies to launch a new version of the iconic plaque on the Pioneer 10 space probe.

2 Tone BB Pistols See a Growing Popularity: Just BB Guns Respond with New Products

2 tone BB guns are typically gas and spring options which offer both accessibility and affordability. Their usually streamlined designs and compact size make them ideal for recreational target practice – whether in the garden or at a facility – hence why popularity has seen an increase going into 2016.

Delta World Charter Launches iOS App for Private Aviation Users

LogoDelta World Charter (DWC), global air charter specialists based at Al Maktoum International Airport in Dubai have announced the release of their free App available on the Apple Store. The App 'DeltaCharter' allows travellers to search for accredited Turbo Prop, Light, Midsize or Heavy Jets from any Point A to Point B globally. The App is compatible with both iPhone and iPad.