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Oakland Air Offers the Best Aircrafts for Sale in Detroit and Flint MI

LogoOakland Air was established in the year 1989 in the state of Michigan. A Michigan based firm, Oakland Air is one of the most crucial aviation assets in the Metro Detroit region. The private, corporate aircraft terminal was opened in 1991 in response to a need for concierge-level aircraft services. The company aims to offer a new level of personalized service to discerning clients and customers. Those who require private jet charter in Grand Rapids and Waterford Michigan can contact Oakland Air to meet their travel needs. The company also provides its services in various parts of Michigan such as Flint, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Lansing and its surrounding areas.

Oakland Air Offers Premium Services of Private Jet Charter in Grand Rapids and Waterford Michigan

LogoOakland Air is a renowned Michigan based company established in the year of 1989. It is primarily of the key aviation assets present in the Metro Detroit area. This company aims at offering premium quality of services to their clients at affordable pricing while ensuring their safety and wellbeing as well. Over the years, Oakland Air's unwavering commitment to their clients and their efficient services has attracted many high-profile clients from across the country. They are known to offer the best aircraft for sale in Detroit and Flint Michigan. Oakland Air has been a member of Argus with a current Gold standing for years, which additionally assures their superior quality of services.

Los Angeles Helicopter Tour Company Announces New Private Romantic Tours

LogoThe most private and romantic way to experience the Los Angeles sunset means flying over famous landmarks with your loved one by your side. Adventure Helicopter Tours has added a unique romantic adventure, the Sunset Romance tour, for couples looking to explore the beauty that is LA coupled with the gift of flight.

Jetset Airmotive Specializes in PT6A, JT15D and PW100 Engines

LogoThere is no better feeling than having "blue skies and tailwinds" while flying. Whether it is turboprop, executive jets or anything in between, Jetset Airmotive has allowed for their customers to feel just that for many years through their unrivaled knowledge and maintenance services.

Body Armor Megastore Offers a Variety of Quality Shields for Sale

Body armor collectors can always get their hands on quality body armor shields from Body Armor Megastore. In fact, the internet retailer of protective gear and equipment carries a plethora of body armor including shields, vests, plates, backpack armor, and other tactical military gear. Customers can even purchase these in the company's online store in various levels of protection.

Bulk Ammo Online Suppliers, LAX Ammo, Recognized as Industry's Best

LogoLAX Ammo is pleased to have been described as a top bulk ammo online provider and takes great pride in that distinction. The team of bulk ammo online providers has made it their mission to continuously deliver top bulk ammo online and has grown its reputation through excellent customer care and expert industry knowledge.

Ammo Store in Los Angeles, LAX Ammo, Recognized as Industry Leaders

LogoLAX Ammo is happy to be recognized as a top-tier ammo store in Los Angeles in the Greater Los Angeles area. This company has taken great strides to bring its customers top-level ammunition at a competitive price. LAX Ammo, the well-known ammo store in Los Angeles, has been recognized as industry leaders. Their wealth of knowledge with guns and ammunition makes them a great source of information for those wanting to learn more about guns.

Aero Precision, Aero Precision Lower Aero Precision Upper from

E-Arms, the one-stop ammo shop is pleased to offer exclusive parts and components from Sig Sauer. "Aero Precision Products" available at is a perfect base for a custom build AR15. The Gen 2 comes with improvements such as the Upper Tension Screw that allows users to fine tune the upper and lower receiver. This can be done with the help of nylon tipped tensioning set screw. This screw is inserted in the lower receiver's grip tang and offers a tight fit with any AR15 components.

Body Armor Megastore Offering Quality Body Armor and Much More This Spring Season

Avid body armor collectors or those seeking to purchase their very first piece of tactical body armor can now get their hands on quality body armor this spring. Body Armor Megastore is a small business and internet retailer of a variety of protective gear and equipment such as their bulletproof vests and body armor inserts. When searching for quality body armor, consider Body Armor Megastore today.

Remington Ammo Online Distributor, LAX Ammo, Continues to Offer Outstanding Prices to Customers Across the United States

LogoNothing is worse than having to spend a ton of money on ammunition at the gun range. By buying Remington ammo online from LAX, you are not only saving your wallet, you are investing in high quality, tested ammunition that is sure to leave you pleased. LAX Ammo sells Remington ammo online, as well as Fiocchi, Tula Ammo and many more brand names on their online store. If new ammunition is out of your price range, LAX Ammo also offers their own reloaded ammo. This reloaded ammo is a pride of LAX Ammo and has been tested for quality.

CEO of Enel X Joins Sentient Science Board of Directors

LogoFrancesco Venturini Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Enel X, has been appointed to the Sentient Science Board of Directors. As the newest board member, Mr. Venturini will be an integral member of the board, bringing more than 20 years of experience in the energy and transportation sectors.

Solware: Now Offering a Great Range of Browning Shotguns

Solware is a company renowned throughout the country for the amazing and extensive air pistol and rifle collections that they offer – Offering rifles and pistols of a wide variety, with options suitable for all needs and requirements. Not only do they offer a wide range of rifle and guns, but also weaponry from many of the world's leading air rifle and pistol manufacturers – recently introducing a truly amazing range of Browning shotguns.

Remington Ammo Distributor LAX Ammo Offers Competitive Prices

LogoAvoid the steep ammunition prices at the gun range and check out Remington ammo from LAX. This ammunition store has a huge inventory of all of your favorite products. A few of the popular brands they carry include Fiocchi, Remington ammo, Federal, Tula Ammo and many more. LAX Ammo is known for offering great prices for quality ammo. This ammunition store provides both new and used ammo options. LAX Ammo also provides their own quality reloads setting them apart from other ammunition stores.

CPI Announces Upcoming Mexico Manufacturing Tour to Visit Foxconn, Hunter Industries and Scantibodies Factories in Tijuana

LogoCo-Production International (CPI) has announced its upcoming no-cost Tijuana Mexico Manufacturing Tour for April 27, 2018. This quarter's tour will take attendees inside Foxconn, Hunter Industries and Scantibodies maquiladoras. CPI offers several maquiladora tours a year, giving US manufacturers interested in expanding manufacturing to Mexico a chance to see the industries up close and learn how to get started south of the border.

Sig Sauer, Sig Romeo 5 and Sig Romeo 4 from

E-Arms, the one-stop ammo shop is pleased to offer exclusive parts and components from Sig Sauer. "Sig Sauer Romeo5 With Juliet3 3x Combo" available at is a perfect base for a custom build AR15. The Gen 2 comes with improvements such as the Upper Tension Screw that allows users to fine tune the upper and lower receiver. This can be done with the help of nylon tipped tensioning set screw. This screw is inserted in the lower receiver's grip tang and offers a tight fit with any AR15 components.

Key Lime Air Chooses SkedFlex Air Operations Suite

LogoKey Lime Air has secured a multi-year contract with eTT Aviation for its SkedFlex Air Operations Suite crew management system. SkedFlex will enable Key Lime Air, based at Centennial Airport in Englewood, Colorado, to operate at peak performance while maximizing utilization of its assets.

Body Armor Megastore Selling Backpack Armor Body Armor Inserts Children

Body Armor Megastore out of Royersford, PA, is selling backpack body armor inserts for discreet personal protection of children. In the unfortunate event that a family member or loved one gets caught in the middle of a tragic situation, it is best to be prepared with a possibly life-saving backpack body armor set.

Invest in Steelwater Gun Safes from to Achieve Excellent Fireproofing & Security for Firearms

LogoOne of the unrivalled names in providing the best quality gun safes, offers Steelwater Gun Safes which are free from any mechanical problems, reliability problems, and cosmetic problems, as they have been solved at the time of manufacturing itself. The Steelwater gun safes have excellent fireproofing, security, reliability and are offered at an extremely affordable prices. Offers Uniquely Designed Browning Gun Safe Models Showcasing Superior Craftsmanship, one of the largest marketplaces for gun safes, offers a wide selection of uniquely designed Browning gun safe models at the most competitive prices. These safes have a gorgeous appearance which involve a sleek finish, fine fit of hinges, welds, attractive game scenes and scroll designs. Besides having a lucrative design, these gun safes also features the finest locks, highly reliable and protective cam locking systems, and other innovative attack-resistant features. Equipped with multiple layers of high-density, fire-resistant insulation, and a high-temperature fire seal encompassing the perimeter of the door, Browning safes also work wonders in protecting firearms during fire accidents.

Prevent Life-Threatening Firearms Accidents with Reed Custom Safes from

LogoOne of the undisputed leaders in the gun safes industry, is now offering an array of Reed custom safes in a variety of specifications that helps gun owners reduce the risk of unintentional injury and death from firearms at homes or offices. All of these safes are embodiment of quality, security, and convenience, where individuals can not only store their firearms, but also keep their other valuables, like cash, important documents, jewelry etc. protected from getting damaged or being theft. A few of the Reed custom safes that individuals can purchase from includes Reed Custom - Model 3064 MS Safe - Gold Collection - 10 Gun 90 Minute Fire Rating - 7 Gauge, Reed Custom - Model 4064 MS Safe - Gold Collection - 38 Gun 90 Minute Fire Rating - 7 Gauge, and Reed Custom - Model 5072 MS Safe - Gold Collection - 50 Gun 90 Minute Fire Rating - 7 Gauge, just to name a few.

Making Savings when Shopping with Solware

Solware is a leading supplier of air guns, rifles and pistols, offering a vast range of weaponry and accessories, with options suitable for absolutely all possible needs and requirements. The company constantly strives to offer all of their products at the lowest possible prices so that they customers can get the most out of their money. Not only this though, they also have special offers for all to take advantage of.

Only BB Guns Answer Popular BB Gun/Airsoft FAQs

Only BB Guns is one of the UK's most leading and largest airsoft suppliers, offering everything that is needed to participate in airsoft. It doesn't stop there though, as passionate airsoft enthusiasts the company do not only strive to sell the greatest and most varied collection of products, but also the best information so that airsoft fans can increase their knowledge of airsoft whilst browsing the Only BB Guns website.

Aero Precision Upper, Aero Precision Parts and Firearms from

E-Arms, the one-stop ammo shop is pleased to offer exclusive parts and components from Aero Precision. "Aero Precision AR-15 Stripped Lower Receiver Gen 2 in Anodized Black" available at is a perfect base for a custom build AR15. The Gen 2 comes with improvements such as the Upper Tension Screw that allows users to fine tune the upper and lower receiver. This can be done with the help of nylon tipped tensioning set screw. This screw is inserted in the lower receiver's grip tang and offers a tight fit with any AR15 components.

Buy Ammo Online with LAX Ammunition and Get the Best Prices on All Favorite Brands

LogoCalifornia's premier ammunition dealers, LAX Ammo produces their own quality reloads so you can conveniently buy ammo online. Their own LAX Ammo brand is the most readily available in bulk sizes. You'll be sure to find a range of calibers available for purchase, like the LAX Ammo 9mm, 45 Auto, 38 Special, 40 S&W, and many more! Their site has all the amenities you'll need to buy ammo online.

Modern Aircraft Taking off on Kickstarter

LogoBuyworthy, the online playing card retailer is at it again, this time bringing an Air Force themed deck of cards to players and collectors worldwide. The deck features 54 customs cards each with a different combat aircraft. The project creator Josh Boyle said "This deck of cards will be a learning experience for players and collectors, not only does it feature 40 countries, but each one has been carefully considered and each aircraft represents the countries most capable jet in 2018, a realistic snapshot of modern aircraft history." The Kickstarter officially launched on the 3rd March 2018 and is already getting enthusiastic backers on-board.